There are so many worthwhile program to support and we are very grateful of the support that we continue to receive, but there is still much to be accomplished.

From our Administrative Assistant, Parent of Two Participants, and Military Spouse

Let me tell you why it is important to my family and why I am very grateful for your support of our program!  Our mantra “It’s All About The Kids”, while true, is more “It’s All About The Community.”  We have the unique pleasure to be raising kids in a small town environment.  In order to equip the kids to succeed, not only in our area, but across the world, we introduce, teach and reinforce Nine Core Values, Nine Healthy Habits, and Our Code of Conduct.

With the on-demand mentality, the ease of getting information, and the reduced one on one time because of life, the need to have a program that reinforces our values, as a family, aids in raising our two tween/teen girls.  I love the phrase “it takes a village” and have adopted that since becoming a military family.  We have moved across the United States over 18 years.  Sometimes we stay for two years, sometimes we stay for four.  But with each location we have had a village to help us every step of the way.  The First Tee of Eastern North Carolina has become a part of my village.  I cannot adequately express how much the program means to my family.  I started as a volunteer over two years ago and have worked with them in one capacity or another ever since!  I have also had my family working alongside me at many events; my husband, my two girls, my parents, and my friends who have become family. – Pamela Boyd

This is why your donation, your willingness to support us, and your perception of our program is important.  If we can do anything for you – answer questions, explain our programming, our volunteer screening, or even our fundraisers, please ask!

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